Storage boxes for lorries

Bawer is a leading international company for aluminium, steel and stainless steel storage boxes for lorries. In addition to storage boxes, Bawer also manufactures pallet boxes and pallet truck boxes. Imbema Transport and Logistics is an exclusive supplier of Bawer boxes in the Benelux. The under-vehicle boxes are made with the help of the most modern laser and welding machines and are mechanically tested. As a result, the boxes are always of a high and constant quality. Bawer is continuously investing in new production technologies and listens to the customer’s requirements.

Bawer gereedschapskisten

Bawer toolboxes

Drivers use toolboxes to stow away tools in an orderly manner. This also saves space in the driver’s cab and prevents damage caused by loose equipment being tossed around.

The Bawer toolboxes are made of aluminium, steel or stainless steel. A rain gutter and rubber seal make sure that the boxes are splash-proof. Customer-oriented solutions are no problem at all for Bawer. Have your boxes made to measure and provide them with a logo, gas springs, air holes duckboards, partitions or storage drawers.


The new Evolution toolboxes are more lightweight, stronger and easier to mount on the underside of a lorry. The lid of the Bawer Evolution is punched from a single piece of material, so the box weighs a bit less and it is possible to retain optimal loading capacity. The redesigned welding technology also ensures a stronger structure and longer service life.

Bawer gereedschapskisten
Bawer Evolution gereedschapskist


Naturally, you will want to be able to make optimal use of all the available space behind the cab or under the chassis of your vehicle. However, getting toolboxes customised is expensive. With our extensive range of Bawer under-vehicle boxes, we are always able to provide a customised solution. With the help of standard sizes, it is easy to build a box that completely fills the space behind the cab or under the chassis. There is no longer a need for a customised toolbox, which in turn will save you money! Please contact us for further information.

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