Plastic toolboxes for trucks

Lago Accessori supplies plastic substructure components for commercial vehicles. All products are developed and produced in-house in Northern Italy, with the aim of providing the end user with high-quality solutions. Lago uses the latest production techniques in the field of rotation and injection moulding. Lago exports 75% of its production to 40 different countries. Lago’s range consists of plastic toolboxes, water tanks, mudguards, fire extinguisher boxes and document holders. The toolboxes, mounting brackets and fire extinguisher boxes are available from stock.

New: Lago MT & DT plastic toolboxes

In addition to the Lago Vertigo and Black Dog plastic toolboxes, we now also have two basic lines available. The DT and the MT. These plastic boxes are very lightweight. The Lago DT box replaces the old Space Truckin box. It is a tight plastic box with simple closures at the top. This basic toolbox can be dressed up with extra locks or shelves as desired.

The MT toolbox is just a bit more luxurious. The box has a sleek design and is fitted with lockable closures. These pull the box tight, making it watertight. This crate can also be fitted with optional extras, such as a rope on the lid, storage shelves and company logo. Approved as side shield.

Lago plastic toolboxes

We have three types of plastic tool boxes from Lago available from stock. The Vertigo, the Black Dog and the MT boxes. Where the Vertigo is the most luxurious and the MT is the most basic toolbox. They are all high quality boxes, waterproof and do not leak. Check out the models below and request a quote. Other models of Lago boxes are available on request.


When transporting hazardous materials by road, you are required to equip the vehicle with fire extinguishers. The fire extinguisher on the outside of the vehicle must be securely attached and protected from external influences. We recommend storing a fire extinguisher in a mountable fire extinguisher box. From Lago, we have various fire extinguisher boxes available. The safety locks ensure that the boxes cannot be opened unintentionally.

Lago fire extinguisher

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