Since the 1930s, our Swedish partner, Sundström Safety AB, has been developing and producing respiratory protection based on a unique philosophy. A philosophy that fits Imbema’s vision. Sundström is not satisfied with just “meeting the requirements of a standard”. Respiratory protection must do more than just meet a standard. Respiratory protection must be comfortable, smart, easy to use, durable, maintenance-friendly and available in a system. Only then does it offer the best possible protection.

“Face masks are of little use against coronavirus”

That says a spokesperson for the RIVM. “There is a run on face masks in our country, for fear that the corona virus will also appear here, but they hardly stop a possible infection” said a RIVM spokesman in the Telegraaf.

We believe that mouth masks are made to be worn for a short period of time, for example during a small job of a few minutes. So-called masks come in different degrees. (FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3) they have an efficiency of 80%, 94% and 99% respectively. Conversely, this means that 20%, 6% or 1% may leak through the filter. Not a good choice with particulate matter and certainly not with a potentially deadly virus, we think. The connection of the filter material with the face is also usually poor. That does not make the choice of these disposable dust caps the best, not to mention the cost and availability at the moment.

Half masks

Sundstrom halfmasker

Half mask with excellent fit, high level of protection and very good breathing comfort for use in various working environments. Provides protection against fine dust and other small particles. With Sundström’s package and our know-how, there is a reliable solution for every problem. Whether on a construction site, ship, chemical factory, hospital or laboratory. Thanks to the filter on the front you can breathe naturally and filters are not in the way during work. By replacing the filters in time, you remain optimally protected and you can reuse the mask. Keep breathing with Sundström, stay healthy.

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    You can count on our support!

    When you invest in respiratory protection, you invest in your own health and future. For us and our dealers, the support after the purchase is just as important as the advice before it. That’s why our people and our dealers are trained to help you get the most out of your respiratory protection. Do you have a Sundström mask? Then count on our support!

    Full face masks

    Full face masks that protect many times better than the norm. The masks have an excellent fit, high level of protection, eye protection and very good breathing comfort for use in the toughest working environments. Because all parts are available separately, the system is easy to expand.

    Blow-on systems

    Blow-on systems with face shields, hoods and helmets for full face protection. Thanks to the wearing comfort and the innovative blower system, you can breathe and work naturally. Because all parts are available separately, the system is easy to expand.

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