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Earthmoving made safer with inflatable trench shoring system

Whenever a trench is dug, personnel and equipment are at risk of being buried under soil or sand. For that reason, wooden, aluminium or steel panels are used as shuttering for trenches in many cases. These are often heavy, awkward to work with, difficult to transport and cannot always be re-used. We offer a safe, sustainable and reliable solution through collaboration with our manufacturer PRONAL.

Air is lightweight and never in short supply and that was the thinking behind PRONAL’s inflatable trench shoring system, SMARTSHORE. With the arrival of SMARTSHORE, previous drawbacks have become a thing of the past since this revolutionary development is:

  • lightweight and easy to transport
  • easy to handle and set up
  • inflates easily using a compressor
  • a sustainable alternative to existing applications

PRONAL’s SMARTSHORE system consists of special rubber cushions which are fitted with a connector and a safety valve (overpressure valve). The high tear and wear resistance of the vulcanised rubber means that the trench shoring system can be re-used time after time.

The reliability of PRONAL’s SMARTSHORE system was demonstrated by a stress test carried out during a project in Roelofarendsveen. The inflatable cushions were tested to the limit in the presence of personnel from Oasen Drinkwater and contractors BAM and Visser and Smit Hanab. It was used as shoring within the trench, it was placed across the trench to enable people to go across it, it was hit with a shovel and it was inflated in order to lift up a mini-digger. The inflatable shoring system was found to be more than a match for everything that was thrown at it.

An attempt was also made to remove the inflatable shoring system from the trench using a mini-digger after it had been inflated. However, PRONAL’s SMARTSHORE system was found to be reliable in preventing the trench from collapsing. Despite all the “abuse”, the inflatable shoring system remained perfectly in place.

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Are you looking to make work safer, quicker and easier for your personnel too? Then take a look at our product overview. Or contact our specialist Ton de Krosse.

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