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Cost-effective and durable solutions for roads

From A-quality asphalt products to an overall concept including coordination of implementation: Imbema’s solutions for municipalities and contractors involved in road construction are:

  • Cost-effective due to fast application
  • Extremely durable: go for permanent solutions!
  • A-quality

Durable asphalt connection

Deliver flawless new asphalt with durable asphalt joints.

The result:

  • Prevents cracks forming between asphalt and concrete – creates the perfect joint
  • Prevents open joints between old and new surface layer
  • Can be applied quickly and is liquid-tight

Can be applied manually for asphalt sections of less than 500 metres and mechanically for sections of more than 500 metres using a TOKOMAT® machine: we can organise the performance of the work for you!

The range of products available for constructing durable asphalt joints includes TOK® Bars, TOK® Tapes (bitumen strips), the TOKOMAT® machine and related products such as primer and profiles.

Read about a finished project here

Asphalt repairs

Damage to a road? Choose Permanent Asphalt Repairs!

  • Extremely quick-setting
  • Solvent-free
  • No compaction required!

One major difference compared with cold asphalt is that this reactive asphalt reacts with water, as a result of which it sets extremely quickly.

The range includes Steininger reactive asphalt, primer and TOK® profiles.

Projects & Inspiration for road construction

Constructing Asphalt Joints

Imbema can organise the materials and experts. Thanks to the fast processing time, the asphalt can then be laid.

Partner in road construction

Imbema works in partnership with many contractors and municipalities. The service we provide includes:

  • specialists: advice and coordination of implementation
  • quality brands such as Denso and Steininger
  • providing environmentally-friendly solutions with a long lifespan
reactief in plaats van koud asfalt

Our road construction products


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