SR 900 half-face mask solves problem with filter cartridges

Half-face masks offer considerably better respiratory protection than disposable masks and often at much lower costs. However, there are situations in which half-face masks with filter cartridges are awkward, such as when welding when a face shield or a welder’s helmet is also being worn. Or when doing work with a face guard. We are able to solve this problem with the new SR 900 half-face mask from Sundström.

Filter cartridges from the face to the hip

A complete system in which respiratory protection is integrated with a face shield or a face guard is a step too far for some people in terms of the investment required, which is why we started looking for a solution that fits a half-face mask. We therefore removed the filter cartridges from the mask and put them in a holder (SR 905) which is worn on the hip. The filter holder is attached to the half-face mask via two respiratory air hoses. And voilà, the half-face mask now easily fits underneath a face shield or face guard.

Buy a product, get a system

“Buy a product, get a system”. Now we have this new concept at our disposal, we also need to ensure that this SR 900 half-face mask can be combined with other Sundström systems, such as the external fan systems with type SR 500 and SR 700 filters.

Want to know more?

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