Supermarket floors: how do you prevent noise disturbance?

Many shopping centres consist of combinations of apartments with retail space underneath for businesses such as supermarkets. This can cause noise disturbance for surrounding residents, such as the sound of trolley wheels, heavy crates being thrown about by shelf-stackers and warehouse staff, pallet trucks and supply carts. However, effective sound insulation can be provided. Want to find out how?

Sound vibrations

Sound is easily transferred via the floor and walls to apartments above. When laying or replacing a floor in a supermarket, measures are therefore necessary that meet the standard and achieve the desired result. Imbema has the ultimate solution for this: special acoustic insulation from Isolgomma. This insulation is made from 95% recycled material and offers a sustainable solution.

Sustainable solution

The Sylcer range from Isolgomma provides the most optimal solution when laying tiles or slabs on top of an existing floor. Sylcer is just 3 mm thick, so the additional floor height is negligible. When a sprung screed floor is newly laid, Grei Line or Roll Line from Isolgomma is the best solution. This insulation roll, which is just 7-8 mm think, offers reliable acoustic insulation that satisfies all set requirements from the PVE for supermarket floors.

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