You probably choose your own safety shoes, so why not your respiratory protection too?

At many companies, employees are allowed to choose from different types of safety footwear, because it needs to be comfortable to wear, as well as preferably being robust and a little bit fashionable too. That makes it that little bit easier to accept. With respiratory protection, the opposite is true. Employees often have no choice of respiratory protection whatsoever, with them often having to wear something that someone else has bought, with or without complaining. And that isn’t good at all.

The best respiratory protection is rarely chosen straight away

You don’t want an employee standing on a nail. If there is a risk of that happening, the correct safety shoes to choose are those with a protective toecap and midsole. When you inhale a hazardous substance, you will often feel a certain sense of discomfort straight away. The long-term effects often cause serious chronic disorders, yet the best respiratory protection is rarely chosen straight away.

Protection and comfort often come second to purchase price and availability

To nevertheless feel like you’re working safely, a type of respiratory protection is often chosen without giving it a further thought. It’s therefore a shame that people often, unconsciously, choose equipment that actually offers just that little bit too little protection against the risks that are present. When choosing equipment, protection and comfort often come second to purchase price and availability.

Facts for reaching a much safer and more responsible choice

A great deal of uncertainty still exists in relation to respiratory protection, which is why we have summarised a number of facts in order to help you to make a much safer and more responsible choice:

  1. Permanent masks can be more comfortable than disposable masks
  2. Permanent masks offer you much more protection
  3. A good P3 filter for particulate matter really doesn’t cause higher respiration resistance and make the mask less comfortable to wear.
  4. Lines on your nose after completing your work? That means that your mask isn’t working at all.
  5. A good mask and filter will allow you to make a considerable saving compared to disposable masks. When used every day, you can save up to hundreds of euros per employee per year.
  6. In many cases, motor-supported respiratory protection ensures:
    – Better protection
    – Higher acceptance
    – Higher productivity
    – Less absenteeism
    – In many cases, a cost saving can even be made compared to disposable masks.

No-obligation advice?

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