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Mobile gas detection equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. Imbema guarantees top quality. We offer a wide choice of options via our preferred supplier Industrial Scientific.

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MX4 Ventis

The Ventis MX4 is an extremely robust and reliable MULTIGAS detector. With the Ventis MX4, you can detect up to 4 different gases at the same time.

MX6 iBrid

The MX6 iBrid is an extremely compact and multifunctional MULTIGAS detector which can detect most ‘flavours’ of exotic gases in industries, ports and oil platforms. It can detect up to 6 different gases at the same time.

Ventis Pro 4 or Ventis Pro 5

Besides being SMART, the Ventis PRO is one of the most versatile multi-gas detectors on the market. It can detect up to 5 gases at the same time and is equipped with an adjustable MAN-DOWN alarm, panic button and near-field communication as standard.


The Radius BZ1 is a SMART mobile area gas monitor. The Radius BZ1 can detect up to 7 gases at the same time. The battery has the longest runtime compared with all the other area gas monitors: with a fully charged battery, the monitor can detect gases in the work area for up to 7 days.

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