Corrosion prevention

$2,500,000,000,000 are the costs resulting from corrosion worldwide every year. Imbema offers insurance against cost-consuming corrosion, a unique combination of passive corrosion protection and cathodic protection. We aim to take your worries out of your hands. That is why we tackle corrosion problems as a complete project: from research and calculation to implementation. Once everything is installed correctly, we ensure that your assets are continuously monitored with our innovative real-time monitoring system. From sheet piling to a pipeline, from a ship to an offshore wind turbine, and from tank storage to a jetty, we offer a complete insurance policy against costly corrosion.

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Corrosion prevention

Passive corrosion protection means protecting metal assets by sealing the substrate against external influences such as oxygen, moisture, and chemicals. For over 70 years, Imbema has been the exclusive distributor of Denso in the Netherlands and Belgium, well-known for grease tapes or Denso. With Denso products, we offer a comprehensive range of premium-quality tapes, bandages, and coatings. This means we have the solution for many different applications. We would be happy to discuss the right solution for your corrosion problems.

Passive cathodic protection

Cathodic protection is a method of corrosion protection based on the principle of lowering the potential difference of the structure to be protected. Using sacrificial anodes to achieve this potential difference is called passive cathodic protection. Corrosion can also occur when two piping systems of different metals are connected. To counter this, our insulation couplings are the solution. Imbema has a comprehensive range of A-quality products to install passive cathodic protection.

Actieve kathodische bescherming

Active cathodic protection

One speaks of active cathodic protection or impressed current cathodic protection when the potential difference on the surface to be protected is achieved with an external source (rectifier). In this system, inert anodes are used in contrast to the sacrificial anodes of the passive cathodic protection system. Looking at active cathodic protection, the protection current can be adjusted with changing soil conditions, so this system offers more control over the corrosion process. We design our systems to meet high quality, lowest cost, efficient and effective maintenance.



Monitoring means constantly maintaining the potential difference required to prevent corrosion. This involves using permanent reference cells and automatically controlled rectifiers, which monitor this difference. Our rectifiers can operate in 3 monitoring modes: constant voltage, constant current, and constant potential difference. Soon and depending on requirements, we also offer inspection and monitoring to protect your assets 24/7, in real-time.

Project management

Project management

From design and calculation to installation and even afterwards, Imbema has everything you need to relieve you in the fight against corrosion. Imbema can also monitor and maintain the system, providing you with optimum protection against corrosion throughout the life of the assets. Certified engineers, A-quality products, and project management ensure the structural integrity of your system.

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Onderzoek en advies Kathodische bescherming

Onderzoek & Advies

Voorafgaand aan het ontwerp en de berekening van het systeem is het noodzakelijk om gedegen onderzoek te doen. Onze specialisten maken een gedetailleerde analyse van de lokale situatie, geografische en meteorologische omstandigheden, bodemweerstandsgegevens en de aanwezigheid van objecten of structuren. Op basis van deze analyse brengen wij advies uit ten aanzien van de te nemen vervolgstappen.


Ontwerp & Calculatie

Elke situatie is uniek. Daarom is het van het grootste belang dat, op basis van onderzoek, het beste systeem ontworpen en berekend wordt. Wij ontwerpen onze systemen zelf om te voldoen aan hoge kwaliteit, laagste kosten, efficiënt en weinig onderhoud. Alle systeemontwerpen worden uitgevoerd door gecertificeerde TWI-corrosion en NACE-corrosion engineers. Dit is de garantie dat de systemen voldoen aan internationale normen.



Installation is carried out under the supervision of Imbema engineers and Imbema-qualified technicians. The ISO 9001 quality protocol is maintained during the project management process and work is carried out according to VCA regulations. Our systems are constructed in such a way that the installation of the cathodic protection system can easily take place on shore.



Proper maintenance of the system extends its lifetime. Therefore it is wise to train technicians and other personnel on how they use and maintain the system. Our specialists provide training courses explaining the basic and advanced operation of the system. We also provide training manuals and reference material for support.

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