Drinking water pipeline project: replacement of the transport pipeline Dunea

The widening of the A44 between Leiden-West and the Ommedijk junction (Rhineland Route) means that the water transport pipeline has to be relocated. What solutions has Dunea chosen for this project?

The Rhineland Route will involve adapting existing roads and junctions around the A44 and A4. The replacement of the water pipeline was carried out by contractor Van Gelder during the third quarter of 2018. Dunea has chosen quality products from Imbema and will depend on our high-quality service and support.

Customer-specific solutions

The solutions provided by Imbema for this project consist of three different parts:

  1. Adapter coupling. At the request of Dunea, Imbema has a customised adapter coupling made by Nova Siria. This adapter coupling with a tolerance of 30 mm at both ends connects a concrete pipe (1000 mm) to a cast iron pipe (800 mm). Dunea waterleiding
  2. Double eccentric butterfly valves. Imbema supplied Hawle double eccentric butterfly valves with various dimensions along with an Auma worm gearbox for this project.
  3. Corrosion-inhibiting products. Various flange connections are packed with Denso corrosion-inhibiting products (DENSO®-PF MasticDENSO®-Plast and DEPROTEC®-PUR) in order to protect the water pipeline. During the handling of the Denso materials, the specialist from Imbema gave instructions on site.

Take a look at these photographs:

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