Leak in water pipeline repaired without disrupting water supply

Drinking water company PWN discovered a leak in an extremely important water supply pipeline. What solution did they choose and what benefits did it offer?

The water pipeline has been in use for more than forty years and transports water from Andijk to Heemskerk. It is also used to supply production water to TATA Steel. The landowner sounded the alarm and reported to PWN that water was coming out of the ground!


What repair options are there in the event of a water leak?

The easiest option to choose when repairing a leak is to interrupt the water supply. That then makes the task of replacing a broken pipe relatively easy. The major drawback is that consumers will then be without water for a period of time.

PWN chose not to leave its customers without water. The technical solution which Imbema advised PWN to use was the DuoFit coupling, a unique coupling which ensured that PWN could continue to supply water. In this case, 4200 cubic metres of water could still be supplied as normal!

Watch the video of the installation:

How do the costs of a duofit coupling compare to the benefits?


Although it costs less to shut down and replace a pipe than it does to purchase a DuoFit coupling, there are a number of disadvantages to doing this.

The disadvantages with the traditional method of repair include the indirect costs which are much higher:

  • Interrupting the supply of water which affects consumers and companies
  • Larger work area required for the repair pit, including the contractor who has to open the area up
  • Longer period of time required for carrying out the repairs

For PWN, the choice was clear: it was crucial that customers should not be able to notice that repairs were being carried out.

Features of the duofit coupling

PWN has already used the DuoFit coupling on two occasions in the past when leaks developed in pipelines with smaller diameters (500 mm).

“Critical pipelines have to be kept in operation. What made this project really special was that it involved a large water supply pipeline with an internal diameter of 1400 mm (external 1800 mm). The DuoFit coupling weighs no less than 4400 kilos. So a high commitment was asked of all the parties involved in order to make sure the repair was completed successfully.”

Piet Blok Senior Montageleider PWN

“The DuoFit coupling consists of 2 shells which you fit around a pipe.

What makes this project special is that the external diameters of the pipes connected using the coupling are different. Therefore it is a reducing coupling.”

Bert van der Giessen Senior productspecialist bij Imbema

Want to find out more?

A lot of water supply companies have chosen this DuoFit solution. Need advice on the best solution in your situation? Contact Bert van der Giessen.

The DuoFit coupling is available in high-pressure or low-pressure models, in every diameter as a straight coupling, with a profiled sleeve, with a flanged branch or with separate flanges.

Watch this video for a general explanation of how the duofit coupling works

Check out the website of PWN.COM

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