Creating smart water infrastructure innovations together: that’s what PWN, Vitens & Imbema are doing!

Vitens, PWN, Imbema and its partners have started a pilot in order to tackle the challenges involved in the management and maintenance of valves together. They will be testing the smart valve maintenance solution: a smart, electric valve key supported by a central software solution. Various types of valve information – such as the resistance and latest position – will be recorded automatically and forwarded to a pipe information system. That can make an enormous difference to the manageability of the pipe network. So far, more than 100 valves have been tested and the initial results look very promising.

Valves need to be managed and maintained in order to minimise the risk of failure. Valves control water flows and give water companies control over the performance of the pipe network. Typical challenges include:

  • the recording of data after operation,
  • (incorrect) valve positioning and untraceable valves (location in the system versus location in the field)
  • inadequate delivery minutes as a result of calamities.

PWN, Vitens & Imbema start pilot: Smart Valve Maintenance

Vitens and PWN have committed to a pioneering initiative – a pilot involving hardware and software solutions – along with Imbema and its partners. Together, they will be testing an integrated smart valve maintenance (SVM) solution to make the management and maintenance of valves easier and more manageable.

The focus of the pilot is on the:

  • accessibility
  • rotatability
  • closability of valves.

The pilot is still ongoing: at the beginning of June 2019, hundreds of valves have already been tested using SVM. SVM can give a water company much better insight into the current status of the valve log and when and where (preventive) maintenance is required. Consequently, it not only saves on manpower but is also exact and reduces the risk of failure.

Want to find out more about the test results? Please contact Koos Verkleij (Imbema).

This article has also been published in the June 2019 edition of H2O magazine

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