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Vitens Water Supply networkgets creative solution

A lack of space calls for creative solutions and spatial awareness. Bert van der Giessen, Senior Sales Engineer at Imbema, explains how insufficient ground cover was a sticking point when it came to installing shut-off valves in a new part of the Vitens water supply pipeline. And the solution he came up with!

When laying a new part of the water pipeline in Utrecht, Vitens wanted to install a Hawle DN400 and two Hawle DN600 E2 gate valves. Vitens had chosen these shut-off valves due to their ease of operation and the strong quality of the materials.

Unfortunately, the area available turned out to be too shallow for the normal vertical installation of the DN600 shut-off valves. If they had been installed as normal, the shut-off valves would have protruded above the surface. For sometimes, the shut-off valves are too high for the space available because the water pipeline is not buried deep enough.


The solution to this problem situation was devised a couple of years ago by Bert: a simple yet revolutionary solution which involved tilting the shut-off valve and installing it horizontally. At the time, the solution was formulated and technically implemented through collaboration with Hawle.

The operating system of the shut-off valve had to be mounted differently. The shut-off valve was fitted with an Auma right-angle worm gearbox on which the installation kit was placed.

Theo van Vliet, Project Manager Vitens: “During the drilling of borehole PE 355 to connect the Hawle DN400 shut-off valve, the connection was found to be not deep enough below the surface due to the presence of other cables and pipes. As a result, the DN600 shut-off valves present protruded above the surface.

I then contacted Imbema to find out what the options were. They presented the option of installing the valve horizontally, with a worm gearbox. This was supplied by Imbema within a very short space of time so that the work did not have to come to a standstill.”

horizontale afsluiter Vitens


With this project carried out by Vitens, it was possible for the DN400 gate valve to be installed vertically while the two DN600s were installed horizontally. Thanks to an Auma right-angle worm gearbox on which the installation kit was placed, we were able to create a suitable assembly. This solution – which Imbema helped to develop – is being used more and more!

Want to find out more about Hawle systems? Contact Bert van der Giessen, Senior Sales Engineer Imbema. Find out more about our innovative sollutions for water infra.

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Bert van der Giessen

Bert van der Giessen

Senior Sales Engineer

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