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Hawle Syno2000

Waterbedrijf Groningen introduces Hawle SYNO2000 connector

Whenever a sewer system, which is located under an AC (asbestos cement) pipe, is renewed, the AC pipe may sag due to the effect of the disturbed soil and break as a result. A solution to this problem: replacement of pipes by PVC pipes.

For that reason, when performing sewer replacements, Waterbedrijf Groningen preventively replaces all AC pipelines across the entire width of the street with PVC ones. Since 2014, it has been using Hawle’s SYNO2000 connectors to connect the PVC pipes to the AC pipeline.

Hawle SYNO2000

The restricted dimensional range on the PVC/PE side prevents the PVC or PE pipe from becoming overburdened when the bolts are tightened, which can cause distortion of the pipe and result in an expensive leak. A key advantage of this connector is therefore that it can be fitted to new PVC pipes without using support bushings liners.

The Hawle SYNO2000 connector has a:

  • tension-proof restraint Wide Range side with variable dimensional range for cast iron, steel and AC.
  • tension-proof restraint System-2000 side with a limited dimensional range for PVC and PE.

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