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Individual metering: smart metering solutions for Heat & Energy

From advice to installation and data integration

Energy savings can be made in any building. But how much can you save? How? When? How can you calculate up-to-date energy costs reliably? So that you can see what the actual electricity, gas, heat and/or water consumption is per business premises or per occupant? And so that you can see where you can save energy?


State-of-the-art metering equipment

  • Smart heat meters and electricity, water and gas meters. With reliable, up-to-date individual insight from your dashboard.
  • Integrated in existing systems

Customised service

Choose the service that suits you

  • full service package, including installation, system and technical support and training?

Take a look at the modules and configure your own package


Partners from A-Z

  • Imbema has been specialising in technical solutions for more than 70 years and has a sophisticated network of suppliers.
  • We are brand-independent and can help you find the most suitable solution for your situation.

Partner in smart metering and insight into energy consumption

Imbema is your partner for everything to do with smart metering and insight into heat and energy consumption. That means:

  • Up-to-date, real-time insight rather than once a year/month
  • Insight for every space: business premises, student flats, shopping centres, etc.
  • Insight into type of energy consumption
  • Energy savings

Combine smart technology with independent advice

Are you just looking for intelligent metering technology or a full service package and advice? We only select tried and tested technology from leading manufacturers such as Danfoss, Metrix, EMH, Elvaco and Webportal. We integrate the data with your systems while you stay in control via your dashboard.

Choose the module that suits your situation

How can you calculate your energy consumption reliably?

Watch this video on smart metering and insight into energy flows:


Get started with intelligent energy metering and continuous processing of data!

We will gladly help you with making choices, selection, installation, data integration and support.

You can be assured of our full support and a long-term partnership.

Jan Rohaan

Jan Rohaan

Senior Sales Engineer
Jeroen Verweij

Jeroen Verweij

Sales Support Engineer
Arno Sijben

Arno Sijben

Sales Support
Ronald Valster

Ronald Valster

Technical sales office staff
Bert Bleiksloot

Bert Bleiksloot

Product Manager Energy
Peter Geurds

Peter Geurds

Business Unit Manager

Intelligent metering equipment, data communication and sustainable technical solutions

One of Imbema’s unique benefits is that we have been operating in various sectors for many years and always offer the most innovative solutions within our range. There is no brand-dependence: we offer a choice of different brands. Check out our catalog here.

It’s a teamwork

Smart energy metering with Imbema

Your partner from metering technology to installation

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