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Smart innovation of water infrastructure

Imbema has been working on the development of smart solutions for improving the underground water infrastructure by collaborating with customers and partners. Our focus is on smart connections and being innovative together in order to improve the water supply network.

  • How can you get a grip on your assets within your (drinking) water supply network?
  • How do you know when to maintain or replace a shut-off valve?
  • How can you reduce the risk of failure?

Our solutions for innovation of the water infrastructure using Smart Technology will give you:


Get a better insight into the condition of your shut-off valves in the underground supply network

Remote monitoring

Monitor your assets remotely and simply transfer all your data to your own GIS system wirelessly


Realise significant savings on time and costs through fast and accurate detection

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Smart valve maintenance: Detect the condition of assets

Log the condition of valves easily with smart valve maintenance

Typical challenges for water companies include the recording of data after operation, (incorrect) valve positioning, untraceable valves (location in the system versus location in the field) and substandard supply minutes as a result of emergencies. These regularly lead to undesirable situations such as dead water in the pipeline or undesirable surprises with regard to valve positioning. Smart valve maintenance provides the solution:

  • Very easy to use
  • Store the information in your own GIS system
  • Wireless connection

See how the smart valve key from 3S works:

slimme afsluitersleutel 3S

Controleer afsluiters op afstand

Bestuur waterstromen op afstand met de actuators van 3S en voorkom grote wateroverlast

  • Is er drukverlies in een bepaald gebied? Dit kan een lekkage zijn
  • Is er een leidingbreuk? Sluit dan met de 3S actuators de afsluiters op cruciale locaties af

Bekijk hoe dit werkt:

3S Actuator


Innovation with Imbema as your trusted partner

Imbema has been the trusted partner of the Dutch water sector for the past 70 years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – but innovate it together!

The result?

  • Detect the location of problems in the heat or water supply network much quicker and more accurately, store everything in your systems and maintain control over the water supply network.
  • View the position of valves from your dashboard and take action if an emergency should arise. Activate these valves remotely in good time and minimise disruption/regulate the water in order to guarantee the water supply.

How can we help you to innovate? Imbema can help, from providing advice to assisting with implementation.


Our specialists can help with selection, training of installers/data specialists, installation and system integration.

Bert van der Giessen

Bert van der Giessen

Senior Sales Engineer
Jeroen Verweij

Jeroen Verweij

Sales Support Engineer
Koos Verkleij

Koos Verkleij

Business Development Manager
Raymond Tenwolde

Raymond Tenwolde

Sales Engineer
Ger van Wunnik

Ger van Wunnik

Business Unit Manager

It’s a teamwork

Water infrastructure innovation with Imbema

Innovate together through smart connections

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