Collaboration on Citadel within underground infrastructure is to go ahead

Imbema is to collaborate intensively with no less than 14 other parties who operate within the underground infrastructure sector, including network operators and leading contractors and suppliers. The name of this new platform? Citadel.

A public-private partnership is required in order to realise innovations within the water sector.

The objective of the planned data platform called Citadel is as follows:

To record and exchange data from each unique component, from production to the end of its service life. Analysis of that data will provide far-reaching insights that will improve both the quality throughout the chain and the security of supply for the customer. Furthermore, it will reduce costs throughout the service life of the component.

Collaboration is wholly in line with developments within the market and the vision that a public-private partnership is required in order to realise such innovations. In order to be able to design a sound framework, practical tests will be carried out in the short term and components will be monitored throughout the chain.

Ger van Wunnik, Imbema: “What makes this Citadel project unique is that players in the water chain have joined forces and are jointly committed to creating innovations and making improvements throughout the chain. By tackling this together in practice, with the partners from the Drinking Water Innovation Platform (PID), we will realise a data platform that can give us all tremendous insight. I have high expectations and so I’m very enthusiastic about it all!”

The participating parties are: Baas, Brabant Water, Ferm RFID Solutions, Geodirect, Imbema, IPCO, KWR, Pipelife, PWN, Saint-Gobain Pipe Systems, Stedin, Van Vulpen, Vitens, Wavin en WML.


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