Durable asphalt connection with TOK®-BAND SK

Joints and seams are part and parcel of laying new asphalt roads or resurfacing old roads. Improper sealing will result in irrevocable damage to the road surface. We provide TOK®-Band SK, a bituminous self-adhesive joint tape, as a durable and reliable way of sealing joints.

As of 2018, TOK®-Band SK has been updated and primer is no longer required! Our TOKOMAT® machine helps to process joint tape efficiently by applying it hot.

Before we start, what are joints and seams?

It is important to distinguish between joints and seams. Joints are the connections between materials with different properties, such as new asphalt and old asphalt (the properties are no longer identical to each other). Seams are the connections between adjacent wearing courses, consisting of an asphalt mixture with identical properties, new asphalt against new asphalt. By new asphalt, we mean asphalt that has just been processed.

Durable asphalt connection

Preventing cracks forming in asphalt and possible joints are reasons for applying TOK®-Band SK. Drastic changes in weather conditions and intensive use by traffic cause stresses in the asphalt. These cannot be absorbed by the asphalt itself and this leads to the formation of cracks and subsequent damage, mainly in the asphalt connections. The connections between the various asphalt surfaces require special attention. Choosing the correct thickness – 10 or 20 mm – and expert processing can prevent this damage.


In Germany, the Baden-Württemberg test institute in Stuttgart tested TOK®-Band SK in accordance with the “ZTV Fug-StB or TL/TP Fug-StB” design requirements. The values measured exceed the set requirements thanks to the unique composition of the material, namely bitumen modified with polymer. However, the thickness of the TOK®-Band SK that we recommend in joints is also extremely important for ensuring a long-lasting and reliable result. Our advice:

New asphalt against old asphalt: at least 10 mm thick

New asphalt against steel: at least 10 mm thick

New asphalt against concrete: at least 10 mm thick

For connections between asphalt and asphalt, new or old, the height of the TOK®-Band SK to be applied must be equal to the maximum height of the wearing course plus 5 mm allowance. After applying the asphalt, the TOK®-Band SK protruding above the asphalt must be rolled immediately. In the case of mastic asphalt, concrete and steel, no allowance is applied.

Primer no longer required!

Imbema is continually working on product innovations. The application of TOK®-primer takes time and is an additional activity to be carried out. With the latest TOK®-Band SK, this activity is no longer necessary. The updated adhesive layer provides optimum adhesion to concrete.

Joint sealant applied by machine, minimum thickness 10mm

For smaller lengths of less than 500 metres, TOK®-Band SK self-adhesive bituminous joint tape can be used (now without primer!) for practical reasons.

We advise using TOKOMAT® for longer lengths! This machine is able to extrude our polymer-modified bitumen and apply it hot while moving, a process which produces better adhesion. The fraying which occurs as a result of coarse or rapid milling is resolved completely.

Up to 1000 meters per hour

The speed at which work can be carried out, depending on the machine and the conditions, varies from 750 metres to 1000 metres per hour. The nozzles on the machine are available in various dimensions. Here too, the maximum height of the wearing course plus 5 mm allowance needs to be taken into account. The end result is the guaranteed height and thickness of the joint sealant along the whole length applied.

Bituminious sealant applied by machine, approximate thickness 2-3 mm

TOK®-Plast is a polymer-modified bituminous sealant reinforced with a plastic fibre which must be applied in a thickness of approximately 2-3 mm. TOK®-Plast has very good adhesive strength and ensures a durable seam connection. TOK®-Plast can be applied cold. TOK®-Plast is used to connect two materials with comparable properties, e.g. for seams between two new asphalt strips.

Want to find out more about durable joints and seams using TOK®-Band SK, TOK®-Plast and TOKOMAT®?

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