A resources passport for circular drinking water pipes

The initiative of all ten Dutch drinking water companies to ask Imbema and other suppliers to provide an objective circular resources passport was well-received by Imbema. This will enable us, as suppliers, to provide an insight into the pipe material chain and what happens to the materials after use. 

The drinking water companies want to take concrete steps towards a circular economy and need insight into the chain connected with the drinking water network. The sector is part of the Blauwe Netten coalition under the guidance of CSR Netherlands. The new resources passport is much more than just an inventory of the pipe material used. In the objective and inclusive approach to circularity, the chosen PRP® approach distinguishes between the reuse of products and materials and the preservation of resources. Equal attention is paid to the people involved in the chain.

All of the providers in the chain will work together to come up with a resources passport for the whole pipe network within a realistic multi-year plan. The passport will be used during the purchase of pipe material and it will also demonstrably improve the circular footprint of the pipe network.

Ger van Wunnik, business unit manager at Imbema, is very positive:Ger van Wunnik

“We welcome the demand from drinking water companies for a resources passport. We all know that resources are becoming scarce due to prosperity and growing consumption. That means that we must use resources as efficiently as possible and make the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy. That will require cooperation and transparency within the chain. The resources passport for pipe materials used in drinking water pipes, as initiated by the water pipe companies, represents a major step towards circular drinking water pipes. Imbema is pleased to be involved in this!”

“Not so long ago, we organised an event in support of this objective: Moving Towards Circularity Together. It would be desirable to work in the same way as other sectors, as it became clear during our event which was attended by drinking water companies and other suppliers.

In any case, we are looking forward to training and cooperating with the industry in order to enable the resources passport to be implemented in the water sector.”

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