Specifications for sustainable and cost-effective asphalt joints

Bitumen tapes are available in a wide range of dimensions and qualities. It will depend heavily on which one you choose as to how effectively the joint anticipates variations in temperature and precipitation. And also: the durability of an asphalt joint.

Purpose of the bitumen tape

Bitumen tape ensures that joints are securely sealed between:

  • Concrete and asphalt
  • Old and new top layers of asphalt

Bitumen tape seals joints and cracks in the asphalt by absorbing any expansion or contraction between the two contact surfaces. Bitumen tape also makes the joint liquid-tight so that liquids cannot penetrate into the joint.

Varieties of bitumen tape

Bitumen tape is available in a range of thicknesses and heights and with different properties. Research has shown that a minimum thickness of 10 mm is required in order to ensure that any expansion or contraction of the asphalt is absorbed properly. You will have enough material left after laying asphalt to meet that requirement. Because the asphalt is hot against the bitumen tape, part of the bitumen tape will fuse with the asphalt, producing the perfect joint.

Denso TOK® tape always has a permanent minimum thickness of 10 mm. That is what makes the difference, with the thickness guaranteeing a long service life so that it is also very cost-effective. Denso TOK® tape has a layer of self-adhesive primer which covers the whole contact surface and ensures proper adhesion to the contact surface. This prevents the well-known problem of bitumen tape failing and ensures that the material is processed correctly.

Unique properties of Denso TOK® SK tape

  • Minimum thickness of 10 mm
  • Layer of self-adhesive primer covering the whole contact surface
  • Seals cracks and open joints
  • Available in any top layer thickness
  • Easy to process on 10-metre rolls
  • Can be processed manually (up to 500 metres) or mechanically (from 500 metres, using a TOKOMAT® machine)
  • Special bitumen tape available for VOAC asphalt




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