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Underground pipework more reliable with alternative to ring couplings

The challenge that gas and water companies face, is to reduce forces on the pipework so that they can guarantee a reliable supply for companies and individuals.

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Unfortunately, there are outside influences which every water, heating and gas company has to deal with. Storms, fallen trees, roadworks or occasionally an outdated infrastructure. Underground pipes are also subjected to a lot of soil pressure and superimposed loads.

That’s why installers choose to install pipe couplings that are able to absorb those forces. Ring couplings with a rubber sealing flap are often selected, but are they the most reliable solution? Specialists prefer a reliable, tried and tested alternative!

Pipe stress

Underground pipes are used to transport water or gas: from drinking water to wastewater and from fuel to fresh air. These pipes are installed underground. The challenge is to reduce the forces on the pipework, also known as pipe stress. In order to do so, pipes are connected using couplings that can absorb those forces.

Risk of leaks

The construction of this type of pipe coupling will determine the extent to which pressure and movements can be absorbed. Traditional ring couplings are designed with a seal which closes as a result of the pressure in the pipe. When there is little or no pressure, the risk of leaks is therefore greater. If the seal is damaged, the whole coupling will have to be replaced and that is an expensive job. If a vacuum should arise, the ring coupling will have to be fitted with a special ring.

Weak link

The lightweight design of the ring coupling increases the risk of misalignment. The low thickness of this coupling means that it immediately forms a weak link in the pipe. In addition, the short length provides limited freedom during installation and less space for absorbing movements in an axial direction.

Pipe coupling from Viking Johnson

Our English manufacturer Viking Johnson offers a more reliable alternative. With its experience in pipework, the company developed the coupling which offers the following significant benefits compared to the traditional ring coupling:

  • Reliable non-pressure-dependent seal
  • Angular displacement of no less than 3° on both sides
  • The complete rubber sealing ring reduces vibrations and noise
  • Replaceable sealing ring prevents the need to replace the whole coupling
  • Large wall thickness that is always greater than the pipe itself
  • Available as a flange adapter
  • Can also be designed for high pressure based on customer requirements

Can also be made electrically conductive simply by fitting a special conductive sealing ring, the so-called “armoured grade” ring.

Want to find out more about Viking Johnson couplings for your own specific situation?

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