Offshore Maritime and Procesindustry

Offshore, Maritime and Process industry

Safety, asset management and asset reliability; that’s what our specialists are engaged in within the offshore sector, maritime sector and process industry.

We assist with Safety, Flow and Reliability as a Service in order to use your assets more efficiently, work more safely, optimise predictive maintenance and establish climate-neutral and circular processes.

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Flamingo App from Imbema

Now that’s a great idea!

The Flamingo app from Imbema identifies and validates hoses, registers use and provides insight into the usage history. With a smartphone or tablet you can scan hoses and retrieve data from your own database in the cloud.

Want to know more about the Flamingo app? View on the Flamingo website.

Imbema’s Specialists

Eric van Leeuwen

Eric van Leeuwen

Sector Manager
Mirella Bonsang

Mirella Bonsang

Specialist Lubricants
Jan Willem de Winter

Jan Willem de Winter

Specialist protection
Ruud van den Noort

Ruud van den Noort

Specialist Hoses and Couplings
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