Bedrijfsbreed draagvlak creëren voor een veiligere werkomgeving

“De ene bedrijfsdoelstelling staat haaks op de andere”

Have you visited the Annual Industrial Safety Congress? Did you miss our presentation or do you want to read it again?
Then on this page you will find more information about creating company-wide support for a safer working environment.

“Initiatives to realize a safer shop floor often fail because company-wide support is lacking.
Conflicting interests are usually the cause of this. “

Marcel van der Ende
Sales Manager at Imbema

All involved parties must profit

It is a challenge to create broad support for a solution so that all interested parties benefit from it. This succeeds 100% in developing solutions for a safer working environment, which also makes it possible to contribute to the objectives of other business units such as production, maintenance, asset management, purchasing and quality.

Ho? We’ll show on the basis of a few successful case studies.

Four inspiring cases in which we created broad support for a safer working environment.

Safer lubrication of steel cables also leads directly to fewer costs

Digitization final control excludes human errors but also simplifies asset management

Solving a lubrication problem appears to be a chance to prevent accidents

Wide cooperation leads to lowering exposure to carcinogenic dust in steel works

We help you to develop widely supported solutions

Are you involved in improving safety in the workplace and do you want to prevent solutions from becoming stranded due to conflicting business objectives?

Through our successful cases, we know what it takes to create broad support within your company. We help you to develop solutions that contribute to multiple objectives and are implemented faster.


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Onze experts in adembescherming en gasdetectie

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van der Harst

respiratory protection

Jan Willem
de Winter

respiratory protection

Phan Thanh

gas detection

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