The SR 580 Airstream helmet as a reliable platform for more than respiratory protection

A few years ago, Sundström Safety developed the SR 580 airstream helmet. This combination of respiratory protection, face protection and head protection formed the beginning of a series of innovations. The aim was to develop a combination of personal protection with the best possible protection factor, the greatest comfort of wear and the greatest ease of operation, making it ready for the new ISO regulations and standards.

Protection at the highest level

The SR 580 helmet has a revolutionary design. It is the first helmet in the world to offer head protection, eye and face protection combined with respiratory protection at the highest level, TH3 (= 500x nominal protection factor). The fit of the helmet with face protection on the face is achieved with a replaceable seal. The specially developed shape of the entire combination means that a large volume of air can be discharged effectively, thereby preventing the inflow of contaminated air and guaranteeing maximum safety.

Sundstrom SR 587 van Imbema

Different add-ons for adding protection

In an environment where there is a risk of falling objects, you don’t want a helmet to be taken off in order for respiratory protection to be worn, for example. In response to this demand from the market, the specialists from Sundström have developed different “add-ons”; smart accessories that add the following forms of protection to the SR 580:

  • Hearing protection
  • Class 4 or 5 welder’s shield
  • Welding cartridge with optional class 9-13 regulator
  • Gold-plated visors to protect against radiation heat
  • Proban® flame-retardant throat and neck protection
  • Aluminised protection against radiation heat

These options raise the safety level in workplaces.

Flexibel to use

The SR 580 airstream helmet is particularly flexible to use. It can be combined with motorised respiratory protection such as the SR 700 fan unit for particles such as fine particles and mist. However, it can also be combined with the SR 500 fan unit for gases, vapours and particles such as fine particles and mists. Both of these units are IP 67 insulated, dust-free and immersion-proof, making them easy to clean. The SR 500 has the capacity to supply up to 240 litres of clean air per minute.

The basic helmet can also be combined with the SR500 EX, the intrinsically safe motorised respiratory protection equipment designed especially for ATEX (explosion-proof) environments. The SR 580 has an ATEX classification that allows you to make very accurate selections.

Easily attach a compressed air supply source for respirotary  air

The compatibility of the SR 580 airstream helmet goes one step further. For example, with the SR 507 control valve, which is worn on the hip, the helmet can easily be attached to a compressed air (respiratory air) supply source, such as the Sundström SR 99-1 airline filter unit (AFU).

Even in extreme conditions such as in the steel industry

Just like all other Sundström face parts, the SR 580 has the highest protection factor TH3 (= 500x nominal protection factor). The airstream helmet has already proven itself in practice. Even in extreme conditions such as in the steel industry, the SR 580 has turned out to be a reliable, safe and very valued solution for users time and time again.

Want to know more or give it a try?

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