Measure, monitor, detect, test and protect

There is a lot to consider when working with gases. From alerting, measuring, monitoring and testing to protecting pipework, you must be able to rely on reliable and safe solutions. Our knowledge and experience in the field of gases enables us to offer a wide range of products. A package that meets today’s needs in the industry and energy sector. Complemented with comprehensive services to ensure that these solutions continue to function reliably and safely, as well as to provide support during the design phase and final installation.

Our products

We offer reliable and safe solutions for metering in households and industry. From bellows gas meters to rotor gas meters. From smart remotely readable meters to classic meters. We rely on our top brands Apator, Flonidan and Pietro Fiorintini.

Where gases pose a threat to the environment, you can rely on our safe and reliable solutions for gas detection, gas monitoring and flame detection. From stationary installations on a factory site or boiler house to personal gas monitor badges for personnel. We offer standalone solutions, but also networks of detection points and personal badges, which can be centrally managed and monitored. We supply the top brands Oldham, Tyco and Industrial Scientific, among others.

For the safe commissioning of gas pipes, you must be able to rely on the leak-tightness of the pipes. We have been the supplier of the widely used Imbema DGT gas testing devices for years. Our user-friendly devices comply with NEN 7244-7, VIAG LD connection pipes VWI G-12 and VIAG indoor installations and meter setups VWI G-07.

Keep breathing, stay healthy. For those situations where gases and vapors cause health risks, we offer the best possible respiratory protection. Because health is more than a standard, we go a lot further when it comes to reliable protection for your staff. From full face masks to escape masks and from blowing equipment to compressor air, even for ATEX zones. We rely on the products of the Swedish top brand Sundström.

Our services

There is a lot to consider when working with gases, which is why we are happy to support our customers with advice and guidance. From support in the design and preparation phase to expert assistance with the installation of equipment on site.

Working with equipment such as gas detection, gas monitoring, gas testing and respiratory protection requires good preparation. We are happy to help train your employees to use these devices optimally and as safely as possible. We do this in our own branches or at your location.

When equipment for working with gas needs maintenance or repair, you must be able to rely on it being carried out professionally. You can rely on our expertise for this. We have a modern service center with intensively trained staff, where we carry out repair work on a daily basis. In addition, people can also carry out work on location, possibly together or supporting your employees.

Measuring equipment is as reliable as the last calibration. Periodic calibration is necessary to prevent unsafe and unpleasant situations. In our service center we perform calibrations for you in an expert manner, including extensive reporting.

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