Fixed and flexible pipework, pipe protection and seals

We understand that pipework is the vital link between crucial business processes. That is why we offer industry, storage and transhipment, energy and water companies sustainable and reliable solutions to minimize interruptions in the processes. From valves to connecting piece and from hoses with couplings to corrosion-resistant tapes. We guide your project with advice, technical support, training, certifications, inspections and a wide range of all kinds of services.

Our products

From valves to repair couplings and from fittings to drilling equipment. For gas and water, we supply knowledge and a wide range of products for underground and above-ground infrastructure. With top brands such as Hawle, Nova Siria and Viking Johnson, we build sustainable and reliable solutions.

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No matter how complex the application is, our many years of knowledge and experience allow us to offer safe and reliable solutions for every problem. With top brands such as CLETON, DANTEC and OPW, we make the most reliable assemblies of hoses and couplings for industry, utility and storage and transshipment.

Corrosion is one of the largest costs within industry and the water and energy sector. Corrosion protection is therefore the best insurance against corrosion damage. Our company has more than 70 years of experience in this field, in both passive and active pipe protection with the DENSO brand as one of our top brands.

A pipe connection is only as strong as its weakest link. That is why we offer a suitable reliable seal for every connection, from PTFE flange gasket to a custom gasket according to your specifications. Whether it’s drinking water, liquefied natural gas or a caustic chemical, we have solutions from renowned brands for every medium.

Our services

We believe it is important that our customers get the best out of our products. That is why we offer support with projects. From on-site technical support to comprehensive processing advice. With our specification service you save a lot of time in the preparation of your project.

For us, it does not stop with delivering a product. For the safe and efficient use and application of our products, we are happy to take the training of your employees off your hands. We train them so that they learn to work with the latest techniques and ensure that your staff is continuously trained.

Periodic inspection is very important, especially with flexible piping. Inspection prevents defects from leading to downtime or even unsafe situations. Our people are intensively trained to carry out inspections in an objective manner. We do this on location or in our own branches.

Sustainable entrepreneurship also means reusing resources for our customers. If repair of pipework prevents replacement, we can carry out that repair for you on site. This way you prevent downtime and unnecessary costs due to replacement.

Where pipework forms a vital connection, it is important to periodically have (flexible) pipework tested and certified. Nothing brings you more safety and security than the use of certified parts. That is why we certify all types of hose assemblies on site or in our workshops.

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