Do you want to do your work efficiently and in a safe environment? If the answer is yes, Imbema is perfect for you. Whether you work in the industry, energy or mobility sector, our sector specialists are on hand to utilise every aspect of their skills to optimise your assets. We look into your unique situation in depth, and can offer a wide range of services customised to your needs, including certification.

Custom engineering by Imbema

Every situation is unique. Do you want a product in specific dimensions? Or does your situation require a different solution than what is offered as standard? We are happy to share our knowledge and facilities for custom development, testing, production and assembly.

It is also possible to use our service center as an extension of your own workshop. Thanks to our own high-tech sawing and milling machines, we offer organizations – in industry, energy and mobility – sustainable solutions that meet specific requirements.


Does your situation require a flexible delivery of new stock? Or are you looking for a partner that supports you in technical advice, installation, maintenance and / or repair? Imbema has the right experience and capabilities. We are also happy to help you on location. In addition, we offer extensive technical documentation and training. Contact our specialists for more information.

Inspection and certificating by Imbema

Do you want to have your material inspected and certified by our specialists? That is of course possible. We ensure that everything meets the latest quality requirements and / or safety standards such as ISO, DIN, NEN or, for example, VCA.

Imbema has extensive test facilities. In this way you not only ensure that you work in accordance with the latest standards, but you also guarantee safety within your organization. After the inspection you will receive a certificate and accompanying test report.


The app that makes managing hoses a lot easier

Smart Cargo Solutions

Monitor the quality, integrity and safety of the load.

Did my load arrive on time? What time did the transport depart? What happened along the way? What is the condition of my load? With the SBS information system you have insight into the condition, location and security of the transport. Everything in one overview.

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Imbema has been supporting organisations with sustainable solutions ever since 1947. All our expertise in this respect is based on our product knowledge and collaborations with leading producers. Our current range of services is the result of this mass of experience, aimed at creating a safe, efficient working environment.

Henk Esvelt
“What gives me the most satisfaction is working with customers. I put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into giving advice, coming up with solutions, and offering the right materials and systems."
Henk Esvelt Sales support Imbema
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