Safe and healthy working conditions for car body repair services


The bodywork repair industry is also very concerned with health and safety. Autoschade Buist, for example, uses a Sundstrom face shield and blower unit when sanding and spraying, which allows operators to breath comfortably and safely, and protects their eyes.

We wanted to know why Autoschade Buist chose this solution from Sundstrom, and what the workers think of the face shield. Our specialist Gijs Brongers visited the company, and spoke to owner Wouter and three of his employees. View the complete vlog below.

Want to find out more about respiratory protection from the vlog?

Autoschade Buist uses the Sundstrom SR570 face shield with fresh air supply in conjunction with the SR500 powered fan unit. As you will have seen in the vlog, a wide range of accessories allows you to customise your face shield for your own work situation.


Investing in respiratory protection is investing in your own health and future. When deciding what respiratory protection is best, begin by making a list of aspects of your work environment. What kind of work do you do? Which substances do you come into contact with? How often per day, and for how long? We’ll be pleased to help you make the right choice. Contact our specialists on +31 (0)88 1306775.

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