Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics

The transport and logistics sector is always moving forward and technology has stepped up the pace of development. Innovation is essential for anyone who wants to increase their added value and for anyone who wants to maximise their safety and efficiency on the road. That is where Imbema Transport & Logistics can help.

With our expertise and offering, we can improve the safety of your fleet, cargo and people on the road. We work with our customers and suppliers to develop solutions that make this possible. Imbema has its own R&D department where products are developed, assembled and tested.

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In our service centre, we are constantly working to develop and improve our SBS locks, as this enables us to guarantee high quality. However, in the unlikely event that you should still encounter problems with one of our locks, please bring it in to be repaired, and we will ensure that your lock is repaired as soon as possible.


Are you looking for a customised solution? Or a product that can be supplied already assembled? Then you’ve come to the right place! Companies are increasingly choosing to utilise the expertise of our service centre as an extension of their own workplace by outsourcing parts of their production process.


We have all the facilities needed to enable the standardised inspection of your construction to be carried out together with a certification body such as TÜV or ESTL. Our experts keep up to date with the latest safety requirements that your construction will need to meet in order to pass the inspection with flying colours. After the inspection, you will receive a certificate along with the corresponding test report.


We are constantly working to monitor the quality of our products. We have a salt haze system, for example, which we use to test the corrosion resistance of our products, and our multifunctional tensile testing and compression testing machines are used to test the strength of our products. The tests are conducted during the incoming goods inspections on each new delivery.

It’s teamwork

Marco de Wit

Marco de Wit

Sector Manager
Niels Bouwmeester

Niels Bouwmeester

Cargo Securing
Gertjan van der Veer

Gertjan van der Veer

Product Developer
Joost Brand

Joost Brand

Solution Engineer

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