Are your fire extinguishers well protected during transport?

This is possible with the help of fire extinguisher boxes

Lago fire extinguisher

If you are a transport company that transports hazardous substances by road, then you are obliged to carry fire extinguishers on your vehicles. Even if you do not transport hazardous substances, it is advisable to carry fire extinguishers on your truck for insurance purposes as well as on account of health and safety legislation.

Those fire extinguishers must be mounted in such a way that they are easily accessible for the driver and protected from the weather. The solution: a fire extinguisher box.

Requirements relating to fire extinguishers

An ADR vehicle must carry two fire extinguishers: a cab fire extinguisher for fire classes A, B and C and a cargo fire extinguisher. The following rules also apply:

  • Trucks up to a weight of 3500 kg:
    2 kg in the cab and 2 kg on the outside of the vehicle
  • Trucks with a weight of 3500-7500 kg:
    2 kg in the cab and 6 kg on the outside of the vehicle
  • Trucks with a weight above 7500 kg:
    3 kg in the cab and 9 kg on the outside of the vehicle

For non-ADR vehicles, we recommend 2 kg in the cab and 6 kg outside the cab.

Fire extinguisher boxes

The fire extinguisher (cargo fire extinguisher) on the outside of the vehicle must be attached securely and protected from external influences. We recommend storing this fire extinguisher in a mountable fire extinguisher box. Fire extinguisher boxes are made from impact-resistant plastic and are designed to protect fire extinguishers from the weather, loose chippings, UV radiation, harmful substances and theft. Their eye-catching red colour makes them easy to see.

Lago Fiteasy, Releasy & Slykon

Lago fire extinguisher boxes are available in three models: the Fiteasy, the Releasyand the Slykon. The security locks ensure that the boxes cannot be opened accidentally. The boxes are fitted with an easy-to-use tensioning strap for holding the fire extinguishers firmly in place while the red quick release button guarantees quick access to the fire extinguisher in an emergency.

More information about fire extinguisher boxes?

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