As a shipping agent, what can you do to prevent stowaways?

Due to Covid19 and the coming Brexit, the risk of stowaways is even more present. Migrants are becoming increasingly more inventive and will do everything they can to travel illegally (hidden in lorries) to the UK. TLN advises shipping agents to take their own precautionary measures to safeguard themselves against stowaways. Read on for some of our tips.

12 tips to prevent stowaways in your trailer

1. Prevent risks and don’t stop en route

It is important to act appropriately and to prevent risks, which is why it is necessary to take adequate precautionary measures. Imagine that the riskiest moments occur on the routes from and to the ports and in and near to the ports. You should therefore take the shortest route at all times and try not to stop en route. If you don’t stop, it will become difficult for migrants to board your lorry.

2. Using curtainsider trailer risky

Enclosed trailers are more secure than curtainsider trailers, because stowaways cut the tarpaulins open. If you still want to use a curtainsider trailer, use a curtainsider system fitted with aluminium panels, or develop ‘smart’ tarpaulins, which give a signal when the tarpaulin is cut open.

3. TAPA TSR certification

As a shipping agent, take out TAPA TSR certification. If you work according to the TAPA TSR standard, the transport is safely secured.

4. Fit extra locks on your trailer or container

Fit your lorry’s rear doors with a Kiwa SCM approved security lock. An approved lock provides exceedingly strong security. What’s more, thieves are more likely to leave a trailer or container alone if it has an additional lock.

5. Crime training

TLN offers crime training, with a module on how to prevent stowaways? This training counts towards mandatory periodic training of drivers (Code-95). Drivers learn how to carry out the checks and to use the ‘Vehicle checklist’ correctly.

6. Code of practice

Check your lorry prior to departure and after every stop and record this in the ‘vehicle checklist’. Before entering the British check zone, carry out a final check. This checklist proves to the UK immigration service that you have done everything you can to keep stowaways out of your lorry. You can make this check easier with the help of an electronic lock.

7. Tachograph

Print out the tachograph immediately if you have to keep on driving longer than permitted. Or if you have exceeded the driving time to board the train or boat due to a delay at the terminal. Or if it takes more time to find a secure parking space.

8. CO2 check

Make use of the CO2 check, record this and produce a supporting document that you have allowed such check to take place.

9. No advertising

Do not place too many adverts on the walls of your trailer. If you put ‘Ferry transport’ on your trailer, migrants will know that you are travelling to the United Kingdom and you are increasing the risk of stowaways.

10. Advanced locks

With an electronic lock, like the SBS BDI you can decide for yourself when the lock is opened and by whom. It can also be used to read its history and prove that the doors to your trailer have remained closed.

11. Monitor your cargo

Whenever you ship fragile cargo, we recommend monitoring your cargo in real time. For a trailer this is possible with the SBS Inlock electronic lock and for a container with the SBS E-containerguard. This will enable you to deliver a report automatically, stating exactly what has happened to your cargo and whether it has been shipped under the agreed conditions.

12. Driving times and rest periods

Ensure that regulation 1 of the driving times and rest periods decree 561/2006 is available in the cab in different languages. This guideline explains that drivers may deviate from the maximum driving times occasionally under exceptional circumstances. Download these guidelines.

More information?

This article is part of the stowaways whitepaper, which we have written together with TLN. Would you like more information about the stowaway problems and how you can prevent stowaways in your truck or trailer? Then download the complete “Stowaway” whitepaper. Of course you can also contact our specialists. They are happy to help you.

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