Assembly department

Reduce your turnaround time by assembling products as desired

To meet the demand for assembled products, we have an assembly department. Here we put together various products such as rear doors, sliding roofs, side boards, rear frames and front frames, according to the wishes of the bodywork or trailer builder. We also offer tailor-made solutions for a complete construction; from closed and curtainsider bodies to refrigerator and freezer bodies.

Increasingly, our assembly division is becoming an extension of the customer, and more and more customers are coming to rely on the expertise of our assembly service and putting their production in our hands. This allows you as a bodywork or trailer builder to significantly shorten the lead time of your bodywork construction. Our specialist Koert le Pair will be happy to tell you more about it.

assemblage afdeling

With our assembly services we can be the ‘flexible shell’ for the customer. In times of pressure, we can take the worry off the customer’s hands by supplying doors, side panels or mudguards already assembled, for example.

Koert le Pair – bodywork technology specialist

The capabilities of our assembly department

The possibilities of our assembly department are very diverse. From producing prefabricated overlay doors, side doors, side walls, sliding roofs, side boards, sliding tarpaulin kits to assembling mudguards, side shields, outrigger plates and the Aluflex side wall system. It’s all possible! In doing so, we meet the needs of our customers to receive products assembled.

Customized advice

We also respond to Lean Manufacturing when a body or trailer builder has a logistical need. Increasingly, the body technology division is being consulted by fleet owners as well, so they can specify their needs to their equipment vendors. Our specialists channel the end user’s needs towards the superstructure industry. The result is a means of transportation optimally attuned to helping the end user get his work done.

Machining capabilities assembly department

We have several machines in our assembly hall to perform machining and sizing for you quickly, such as sawing, welding and milling. Contact us soon for the possibilities.


More information about our assembly activities?

Our specialist bodywork technology Koert le Pair will be happy to help you with a suitable solution. Please contact him for more information or fill out the contact form.

Koert le Pair

Koert le Pair

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