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Assembly division

To meet the demand for assembled products, Imbema Transport & Logistics has its own assembly division within its service centre, where a range of products such as rear doors, sliding roofs, side boards, and front and rear frames are assembled in line with customer specifications. We have manufacturing capabilities in-house that allow us to rapidly perform a range of processes and dimensioning for you.


Increasingly, our assembly division is becoming an extension of the customer, and more and more customers are coming to rely on the expertise of our assembly service and putting their production in our hands. This allows you to reduce considerably the lead time for constructing your bodywork.

The range of services we offer are:

  • Manufacture of prefab rabbeted doors
  • Manufacture of prefab side doors
  • Manufacture of prefab harmonica-fold side walls
  • Manufacture of aluminium side boards
  • Manufacture of prefab harmonica-fold side walls for bulk vehicles
  • Manufacture of sliding tarpaulin kits
  • Manufacture of outrigger pads
  • Assembly of the Aluflex side wall system
  • Assembly of volume components such as spray guards, spare wheel carriers, etc.
  • Thanks to these assembly activities, we are able to meet the needs of customers who require us to further assemble their products. It can therefore be said that we are responding to Lean manufacturing, for example, if our customer has a logistical requirement.



We are increasingly being consulted by fleet owners too, who are using our recommendations to enable them to provide a detailed list of their requirements to the supplier of their equipment. Our specialists channel the end user’s needs towards the superstructure industry. The result is a means of transportation that is optimally tailored to helping the end user get his work done.

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