Meet the Koks group

Around 100 major production runs per year, vehicles ranging from vacuum and flushing trucks to pressure washers, and so much more: the KOKS Group offers a wide range of cleaning equipment for industry and the public sector, at home and abroad. Safe, efficient and high-quality, and always with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, since 1989.

Everything needs to be faster and smarter

Awareness of safe working has increased considerably over the last few years, just like respect for the environment. The KOKS Group can proudly call itself a leader in these fields, on an international scale. Because, as Gerhard van Reeuwijk (Manager Marketing & Communication) explains: “the laws and legislation may differ from country to country: we choose to proactively improve the standard.”

The bar has been set high, not only as far as safety and the environment are concerned. Customer demand has also changed: everything needs to be faster and smarter. Development used to be carried out from scratch and step by step, by working with the customer, sometimes even by sitting down together at the drawing board. That way of working had its charm but also led to greater complexity and consequently a longer lead time for us to be able to continue guaranteeing quality.

The KOKS Group turned itself around and the local forge became a lean manufacturer. Customers choose from a standard range and can add extra options if required. “That is how we keep the quality high and the price attractive. Last but not least: the lead time has been reduced to 14 weeks.”

“Quality. That is the decisive factor for the KOKS Group for guaranteeing customer satisfaction.”

Gerhard van Reeuwijk (Manager Marketing & Communication)

The very model of efficiency

Only the best is good enough. It was for that reason that the organisation integrated the just-in-time principle in its production process: it now produces just enough vehicles required in order to meet demand. And it orders just enough components which arrive just in time.

“So a good relationship with the supplier is vital,” explains René van Schaar (Purchasing Manager). “And our relationship with Imbema goes back a long way. It is extremely important to us that a supplier understands our business and is able to help us by thinking proactively. That it speaks the same language. Imbema also delivers abroad directly. That represents added value for us as we can ensure that the same components are used everywhere – at home and abroad – by both our production department and also the after-sales department. That is how we ensure high standards of quality.”

Bright future

The organisation has benefited considerably from its lean way of working. “We have a lot less stock – and therefore more production capacity – than before. Now we make more machines within a smaller area. We need that capacity as otherwise our production line would be unsustainable. And that production line is crucial for our ability to deliver on our commitments to customers.”

And the future? It looks bright. Having established branches in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia, this year the KOKS Group will even be making an appearance in the United States. And that is not the only international move: the company has set up the KOKS Academy to increase global awareness of safe working. It’s a win-win – for people and the environment!

Take a look at the website of de KOKS Group.

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