Verhage Foodservice


The Verhage franchise formula has become a successful restaurant chain with 41 sites. It is currently in the process of changing its business model from cafeterias to all-round restaurants. All the branches are supplied by their own exclusive wholesaler, Verhage Foodservice. Six days a week, 14 employees manage the process of supplying more than 700 different products from nearly 100 suppliers. In order to make sure that all products are as fresh and chilled as possible when they arrive at their destination, they use our thermal covers during transportation. We asked Wim van Oort (Purchasing & Logistics) why they chose this solution.


“In our continuous efforts to improve our range, at some point we decided to start selling artisanal scooping ice cream. So we started to look for a suitable partner and came across the Bon Appetit ice cream parlour in Breda. Part of the deal is that we as a wholesaler are responsible for transporting the ice cream from the ice cream parlour to Verhage stores.”

“We use made-to-measure roller containers to transport our goods which means that we are able to deliver right to the chiller and/or freezer at all Verhage stores. All our trucks are equipped with a cooler and freezer compartment, once again custom-made to fit the format of our roller containers. Unfortunately, we found that these containers were just not big enough for us to transport sufficient quantities of scooping ice cream. So we had slightly bigger roller containers made for that specific product.”

“It is essential to avoid fluctuations in temperature when transporting scooping ice cream. It was while we were looking for a good solution to this challenge that we came across Imbema.”

Wim van Oort (Purchasing & Logistics Verhage)


Scooping ice cream is a sensitive and delicate product. In order to keep it in the right state between collection and delivery, it is essential to avoid fluctuations in temperature. It was while we were looking for a good solution to this challenge that we came across Imbema. You have custom-made thermal covers which we can attach to our roller containers. The main benefit is that these protect the product without disrupting our logistics process. We are tied to the dimensions of our roller containers and these custom-made thermal covers have enabled us to incorporate scooping ice cream in our normal supply process.

We have now been using thermal covers from Imbema for a number of years and are extremely happy with them. We recently placed another new order in order to keep up with the growth of our organisation and the growing demand for scooping ice cream.

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