Container 42



The Port of Rotterdam has developed a hyper-intelligent container: Container 42. The container is fitted with a range of sensors and measuring equipment. During the two-year round-the-world trip, Container 42 is collecting data in order to enable the port to undergo a digital transformation. And Imbema is allowed to go on that trip too with its SBS security solution. How great is that!

During the trip, the container is measuring vibration, gradient, position, sound, air pollution, moisture and temperature. The SBS container lock secures all high-tech equipment in the container. The SBS security solution can also be used to check when, where and by whom the container has been opened. Solar panels measure how much energy a container is able to generate on a container ship, a train or a truck.

Container 42

With the ambition to be the ‘smartest port’, Rotterdam is taking the lead in the digital transformation of port and logistics, and ‘Container 42’ is a metaphor for that transformation.

A container can currently disappear from the radar for weeks on end between the moments of loading and unloading, and that is an outdated concept. With Container 42, the Port of Rotterdam wants to show all the options with smarter port logistics.

It is the first time that shipping containers are being tracked this way from minute to minute. Container 42 takes a record of everything during the trip. This data helps to provide an insight into the challenges in port logistics. This should ensure that containers aren’t lost as quickly and that less smuggling takes place. In the future, it should even be possible to move containers automatically using cranes and for them to complete their own customs documents.

SBS lock solution

Container 42 is fitted with our SBS lock solution. This advanced high-end lock fits in  perfectly with the Port of Rotterdam’s ambition. The container lock can be used to check when, where and by whom the container has been opened.

The lock also makes it possible to personalise or block access to the container. With the help of geofencing, it is even possible to get the lock to open automatically at set locations, such as at customs.

Proud partners

Container 42 is a platform where the Port of Rotterdam, IBM, Cisco, Esri, Axians, Intel, HyET Solar, Van Donge & de Roo,, Betta Batteries, Simwave, Advanced Mobility Services, Kalmar and Shipping Technology and Imbema work closely together.

Video’s Container 42

Under the SBS Security & Safety Products brand, we are developing products that help to increase security, monitoring and efficiency of transportation, cargo and shipments. Our security solutions, from mechanical locks to high-end lock solutions, are developed in collaboration with customers and suppliers. Innovation is teamwork!


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