Container security

How can you secure and monitor your containers during transportation?

When transporting goods in containers, you want your cargo to reach its destination in good condition. So it’s important that the doors to the container remain locked during transportation. Locked to keep out cargo thieves but also stowaways. So why is so little spent on container security in practice? The usual solution chosen is a cheap container seal – a solution that is far from secure and won’t help you stop criminals. Container seals are easy to break open and manipulate while a good container lock will make it practically impossible

How can you stop a container from being broken into?

So as a transport contractor, it is advisable for you to choose a different type of container security. There are plenty of secure solutions to choose from when it comes to protecting your container against break-ins, theft and stowaways such as mechanical container locks, electronic container locks or cargo monitoring systems. With the E-containerguard, you can even monitor your load in real time and take action promptly if anything happens in transit. But what type of container security should you choose? Our transport security specialists can help you make the right choice!

Container security - container lock

Container 42 fitted with an SBS container lock

The hyperintelligent ‘container 42’ is fitted with our SBS BDI lock solution. This advanced high-end lock fits in perfectly with the Port of Rotterdam’s ambition. The container lock can be used to check when, where and by whom the container has been opened.

The container lock also makes it possible to personalise or block access to the container. With the help of geofencing, it is even possible to only open the lock at set locations, such as at customs. Read more…

What SBS container security & cargo monitoring systems are there?

Container break-ins are happening more and more. We have various types of container security solutions to protect containers against cargo theft and stowaways, ranging from mechanical container locks to electronic container solutions with telematics and cargo monitoring systems.

Mechanical container locks

If you only want to protect your container against break-ins, a mechanical container lock is all you need. These locks come in various classes. The Cobra and Rhino locks offer the greatest resistance. When used in conjunction with the PL358T or PL7000 padlock, these container locks are Kiwa SCM Heavy Duty approved (formerly SCM/VbV) which means that the lock will keep professional thieves busy for at least 5 minutes. The Kiwa SCM quality mark is important to insurers because it proves that a vehicle has been fitted with an approved and certified security device.

Elektronic container locks & cargo monitoring

With an electronic lock, you can decide for yourself when and where the lock can be opened and by whom. It can also be used to prove that the doors to your container have remained closed. If you are transporting vulnerable cargo, we recommend monitoring your load in real time. The SBS E-containerguard tracking unit allows you to do that. It also allows you to monitor the integrity of the container doors at the same time.

How does container sealing work?

To protect the cargo in a container during transportation, the container will be sealed with a container lock as standard. That container seal lock is fitted round the bars of the container. The seal bears a unique number which must be the same when the container arrives at its destination. That way, companies know that their cargo has remained secure while in transit and that no-one has been inside the container. However in practice, container seals appear to be easy to manipulate. The video shows a number of ways in which container seal locks can be sabotaged.

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We can help you choose the right container lock

It will depend on a number of factors as to which container security solution is the best for your shipment. Our SBS security specialists can help you make the right choice. Fill in the contact form to find out more about our container locks.

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Dirk Straatman

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