Imbema enters into partnership with Container 42

with our advanced SBS container lock


You may have already seen it in the news: the hyper-intelligent Container 42. Last May, this container left the Port of Rotterdam to go on a two-year round-the-world trip. And it’s not just any container. It’s full of sensors and measuring equipment which are used to collect data to enable the port to undergo a digital transformation. After its first stop at the T&L trade fair in Munich, the container received a fantastic addition: an advanced container lock. Now let this be our SBS lock!

SBS container lock

During the Transport Logistic trade fair, our Business Unit Manager (SBS), Manolo de la Fuente, came across Container 42. He was surprised that the container was yet to include security measures and suggested installing an advanced SBS container lock.

Manolo de la Fuente: “Erwin Rademaker from Container 42 and I met each other at the T&L trade fair in Munich. I asked him where the high-quality lock was which protected all the high-tech equipment in the container, and his response came as a shock. Luckily, we were able to help Container 42 with a lock that’s installed on the inside of the container and which can be opened or closed in a personalised manner using a transponder or a pin code.”

Erwin Rademaker: “A smart lock at the inside of of Container 42 is a revolutionary concept in container logistics. While in transport, Container 42 will be secured and locked all the time instead of being at risk of easily being opened from the outside. This is an example of the kind of mind shift thinking cargo owners have been waiting for, I think.”

Port Days Rotterdam

During Container 42’s next stop, on the Port Days in Rotterdam – 6-8 september 2019 -, there will be the opportunity to come and view our SBS lock solution. Please contact us for further information or an invitation.

Further information?

For further information, please see Container 42 page or contact our security specialists directly on +31 (0)88 130 60 66.

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