In a few months’ time, Brexit will become official! At the end of this year, the British will be closing the door to the EU, with all the consequences that it will bring. From 1 January 2021, new procedures and customs formalities will apply to the transportation of goods to and from the UK. Anyone failing to comply with these will not be granted access to the terminal and will be told to park in a parking area nearby. This could lead to major delays at ports, making it easier for stowaways to board lorries.

In order to prevent this and enable the process of crossing the border between the EU and the United Kingdom to go smoothly, it is important for all transport companies in Europe to be well-prepared. To help with this, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, business association Evofenedex and transport organisation TLN have taken up the Get Ready for Brexit campaign. Watch the video below to find out how to transport goods to and from the United Kingdom after 31 December 2020.

From 1 January 2021, the transportation of goods to and from the UK will always start with the presentation of a Customs declaration. Then you will register your customs documents with the terminals digitally via Portbase. Because it is a mandatory requirement, if you fail to do this your truck and cargo will not be granted access to the terminal. So make sure that you arrange who is to do what in advance. Take a look at the infographic as well, which shows the 5 steps that you will need to take to be ready for Brexit at Dutch ports. By doing that, you will avoid having to wait for a parking space and running the risk of stowaways climbing into the cargo space of your truck.


Would you like more information about the stowaway problems and how you can prevent stowaways in your truck or trailer? Then download the complete “Stowaway” whitepaper. Of course you can also contact our specialists. They are happy to help you.

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