Lisa2Alert Blind Spot Assist

Prevent blind spot accidents with the Lisa2Alert

The Lisa2Alert blind spot assist prevents traffic accidents by emitting audible and visual alerting signals. The blind spot problem is one of the most common causes of fatal traffic accidents involving trucks. Since the introduction of the blind spot mirror and cameras, these traffic accidents have almost doubled! Besides alerting the driver, it is also important to alert fellow road users. This is possible with the Lisa2Alert blind spot assist.

Lisa2Alert is a supplementary system for preventing blind spot-related accidents that works alongside existing mirrors (and cameras). Developed on the basis of everyday practice, this system emits audible and visual signals for pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders. The system focuses on the interaction between the truck driver and the other road users as soon as he decides to turn right.

How does the Lisa2Alert Blind Spot Assist work?

  • The system is based on an audible signal from a sounder installed in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle’s existing indicators.
  • As soon as the vehicle slows to below a certain speed and the driver indicates that he is turning right, the sounder will emit an audible warning signal on the outside of the vehicle.
  • The side lights will also flash at the same time. As a result, it will be made clear to other road users along the whole length of the truck that the driver is turning right.
  • The driver also hears the audible signal, once again warning him of the potential dangers every time he goes to turn right.

Reactions from drivers

“Now that we have the Lisa2Alert system, we use our mirrors a lot more.”

“We really have prevented a number of accidents by using the Lisa2Alert system.”

“I only want to drive vehicles which have Lisa2Alert and I think the system should be made compulsory.”

“Fellow road users react to the Lisa2Alert system and this always leads to eye contact too.”

Benefits of the blind spot assistent

  • Improves road safety
  • Helps to prevent fatal accident
  • The system is reliable
  • An aid for the driver while carrying out his day-to-day work.

Lisa2Alert and blind spot-related accidents in the Dutch media

Results of the ‘Deartruck’ study

Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management

  • Lisa2Alert is an extremely effective system for alerting fellow road users to the dangerous situation that arises when a truck is about to turn right.
  • A cyclist stopped and children stepped onto the pavement after they were alerted by the system. These persons would otherwise not have been noticed by the driver.
  • The system helped to prevent injury. All the cases involved a near-collision with a cyclist or moped rider on the right-hand side/front right.
  • All the drivers are of the opinion that they can carry out their work more safely.
  • Dirt does not affect the system.
  • The weather has hardly any effect on the operation of the system.

Results of the study by TU Delft

With the LISA Life Saver system:

  • cyclists paid twice as much attention to the trucks.
  • cyclists paid attention twice as quickly which can actually make the difference between whether or not a collision occurs.
  • there was 5 times more communication between the driver and the cyclist by putting up a thumb or hand to indicate that they had seen each other.

Want to find out more about the Lisa2Alert Blind Spot assist?

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