New: SBS secured trailer solution for high value goods

To combat transport crime and cargo theft of high-value goods, we have developed an advanced security system for closed trailers. This new, SBS secured trailer solution meets the BAT V1 and V2 security requirements. The highest transport security requirements in the market!

Cargo theft and transport crime caused more than 8.2 billion euros in losses for the transport sector last year. The costs of lost hours, reputation damage and possible trauma are added to that. High-quality goods, such as electronics, excise goods and medicines, are particularly sensitive to theft. Securing this type of cargo is a major challenge. That is why we invested in a new advanced security system, in which the truck, trailer and driver are optimally protected. This system combines telematics and electronics, with security for walls and doors. With this new security solution from SBS, we are taking a big step forward in preventing transport and cargo theft.

SBS secured trailer solution

The SBS secured trailer solution consists of electronic trailer locks, an access control system, burglar alarm systems, GPS tracking equipment and cutting detection in the side walls of the trailer.

With the help of a monitoring portal you monitor and control the telematics equipment remotely and receive reports and alerts. This way you are always aware of where the driver, truck and trailer are located and who has been in the cargo area.

For more information, view the SBS secure trailer solution.

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