Reduce the risk of lateral collisions in the dark


Every year there are hundreds of accidents involving trucks (box trucks, tractor units, semi-trailers and trailers) on Dutch roads due to lateral collisions in the dark. In the dark, it is difficult for other road users to see trucks when they are reversing in order to load or unload on site, manoeuvring or driving along an unlit (polder) road. There is often not enough reflection against the sides of trucks and the side of a truck can appear as a big black hole to the driver. Additional LED lighting on each side of the vehicle improves safety.

Enhanced visibility in the dark

Banksman LED lighting from Labcraft has been designed to make the sides of the vehicle better visible to drivers and other road users when manoeuvring the vehicle in the dark. With Banksman lighting, collisions and accidents are prevented, thereby improving safety, increasing productivity and saving on repair costs.

Benefits of Banksman LED lighting

  • Light spread from 20sqm up to 30sqm
  • 5-year warranty
  • Metal construction for durability
  • Toughened lenses for resilience
  • IP66/IP67 rated for all weather conditions

De Strong and watertight

Banksman LED lighting is of very high quality. The water jet test shows just how strong and watertight the LED lamp is.

Easy installation

Banksman solutions are simple to install and connect directly to the vehicle loom. This innovative solution can be fitted as standard to new vehicles or retrofitted to an existing fleet. Regulation 48 is to be taken into account when installing this type of lighting.

UK manufacture

All Banksman products are manufactured in the UK by Labcraft; manufacturer of the largest range of commercial vehicle interior low voltage LED lighting in the world.

Long life, high intensity leds 

The Banksman range utilises the latest LED technology to give a high intensity light source to provide enhanced brightness. In addition LED lighting provides significant benefits compared with traditional lighting.

The new Banksman lighting conforms to regulations 23 and 48

Wat is de ECE-R23 richtlijn?

Reglement 23 definieert de specificatie van achteruitrijdverlichting & manoeuvreerlicht:

  • Kleur van het licht MOET wit zijn.
  • De intensiteit van het licht mag niet groter zijn dan 500 cd (candela).
  • En niet meer zijn dan 0,5 cd in het zichtveld waar het licht niet gezien mag worden.

En de ECE-R48 richtlijn?

Hoe en waar de lampen op een voertuig moeten worden geïnstalleerd staat in Reglement 48:

  • De lampen moeten automatisch geactiveerd worden wanneer het voertuig in zijn achteruit wordt gezet.
  • En automatisch uitgeschakeld worden indien de voorwaartse snelheid de 10 km/uur overschrijdt.
  • Het licht moet omlaag gericht zijn en het verlichte gedeelte van de lamp mag 10 meter van het voertuig  niet zichtbaar zijn.

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