Anti-slip mats; increase the safety and reduce your costs

Anti-slip mats are an essential tool for the professional haulier where securing loads is concerned. By using anti-slip mats, you increase the friction between the load unit and the load carrier so that your load will not move around as easily and is better protected against damage. If an anti-slip mat is used correctly, you increase the frictional resistance, resulting in the need for fewer lashing straps and reducing loading time. So your costs will be reduced too!

Anti-slip as a basis for good cargo fuse

Reduce costs with anti-slip mats

Anti-slip mats are much cheaper than lashing straps. In addition, you can reckon on a friction coefficient of 0.6 if you use an approved anti-slip mat. So it is better to buy anti-slip mats rather than use additional lashing straps.

Anti-slip products are an essential tool for securing loads correctly and efficiently and the anti-slip mat offers a practical and secure solution for hauliers and forwarders as well as removal firms and courier services. Most of the forces that are exerted as a result of heavy braking or swerving will be absorbed by anti-slip mats. The load stays in place better, making it easier to keep control of the vehicle.

Forms of anti-slip when securing cargo

There are various types of anti-slip mat available. We supply anti-slip mats in tile form and in rol. Our anti-slip mats are made from 8 mm high-quality SBR/NBR granulate and are suitable for a range of uses. Our anti-slip mats in tile form are ideal for use underneath pallets. They are extremely user-friendly, easy to store and take up very little storage space. Our anti-slip mats in roll form can be quickly installed to cover the whole loading floor of a trailer.

Besides anti-slip mats, we also offer an anti-slip chock block. Our anti-slip chock block is a friction-increasing tool used during the transportation of prefab concrete blocks, loose pipes, pipe assemblies, steel girders, welded steel mesh and other types of cargo which are not suitable for pallets. The chock block also serves as a spacer when positioning forks or jacks during loading and unloading.

Watch out for wear of anti-slip mats

Our anti-slip mats are extremely versatile but you should note that wear can lead to reduced friction. We therefore recommend that you handle anti-slip products with care. If a forklift or pallet truck is driven across an anti-slip mat, the resistance of the material will be impaired. The same will happen if you get dirt or grease on the anti-slip material. So the only way to guarantee optimum performance from your anti-slip mat is if the loading floor and the load that is placed on it are kept clean, dry and free from grease.

Want to find out more about anti-slip mats?

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