Electronic vehicle security

Thanks to information and transport security, you have control over your cargo

Every year, many carriers fall victim to an intrusion, or an attempt to do so. In 2017, no less than 2880 cargo thefts were reported in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), 10% more than the previous year. This resulted in a total of EUR 105 million worth of reported losses for carriers, shippers and insurers. How do you avoid becoming a target?

Modern electronic vehicle security locks, don’t only equip your lorry with excellent security, but also offer real-time round-the-clock data monitoring at the location and of the cargo’s condition. Whether it concerns the security of trucks, trailers, containers, vans or other assets: a total overview of the consignment is available, which demonstrably meets the requirements of customers and suppliers. Do you want to know more about electronic security locks? And which lock is the best for your situation? Contact our vehicle security specialists for more information.

electronic vehicle security locks

The benefits of electronic vehicle security

Highest security standard

Our electronic security lock solutions meet the highest security standards and are TSR1 certified in accordance with TAPA Truck Security Requirements.

Prevent damage

Every year, crime on the road causes damages worth many millions. With a certified electronic security lock on your truck, trailer or container, there is less risk of becoming a target.

Round-the-clock overview in transit

You want to know what happens to your cargo in transit. Gain insights into your transportation and monitor who was responsible for the cargo in transit.

Authorisation and checks

You want to determine who has access when, where and at what time to the loading area of your truck, trailer or container. Electronic transportation security can be locked and unlocked remotely.

Demonstrably compliant

Hand over the trip specifications to the customer at the destination and be demonstrably compliant to their terms and conditions.

Service and maintenance

To guarantee the best quality, our security solutions are tested regularly in accordance with TAPA Truck Security Requirements, and maintenance takes place annually.


A good transport security system could reduce the risk of an intrusion in your vehicle or cargo theft. Imbema offers a wide range of SBS security solutions, from mechanic locks to electronic locks. The best system for your situation, depends on many technical and organizational factors, such as:

  1. What do you want to protect: heavy-duty vehicles, light-duty vehicles, assets, or the cargo?
  2. What is the biggest security risk and what level of security are you aiming for?
  3. Is having real-time insight into your consignment required? What data do you want to receive?
  4. In the event of deviations, do you want to receive a notification, and if so, in what situation?
  5. Do you want to be able to intervene remotely? For instance, unlocking or locking?
  6. To what extent do you want to report your consignment movements and possibly share this with the customer?
  7. etc.

We can help you make the right choice. Together, we’ll choose a sensible solution and will ensure that this ties in with your organization’s security procedures.

SBS information system dashbord

Real-time insights in your transport security?

When you connect an electronic security lock lock to our SBS Information System, you have 24/7 realtime visibility in your transportation security conditions. In combination with a SBS telematica system, monitoring the conditions of (temperature sensitive) cargo is straightforward.

  • Are the doors of your trailer or container being opened or closed?
  • When is your truck, trailer or container being departed and arrived?
  • Where are your goods and cargo located?
  • What is the condition (temperature, light, tilt, humidity, etc.) of your cargo?
  • Does the battery (and back-up battery) have enough power supply?
  • Does the trailer or container have stopped outside a specified secured location?
  • Which route has been driven? Does this deviate from the original route?
  • Receive instant notifications in case something is wrong with your goods/cargo!


Our vehicle security specialists will be happy to help you find the right electronic security lock for your truck, trailer or container. For more information, contact our team or fill in our contact form.

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