SBS secured trailer solution for high value goods


Billions of euros worth of cargo is stolen and damaged worldwide every year. The loss of hours due to administration and processing and loss to customers is making the damage even worse. High value goods, such as electronics, are particularly susceptible to theft. As a result, cargo owners and transport companies are placing increasingly higher demands on the security and monitoring of their transport. We have developed an advanced security system for closed trailers especially for valuable cargo. This allows you to transport high value goods from A to B as safely as possible.


With the SBS Fully Secured Trailer Solution you prevent theft of high value goods from your trailer and damage to your cargo. This system combines telematics and electronics with an extensive security system in the walls and doors of the trailer. The SBS secured trailer solution is suitable for TAPA TSR  certification and meets the BAT security V1 and V2 requirements. The highest transport security requirements in the market!

The SBS secured trailer solution consists of electronic trailer locks, an access control system, burglar alarm systems, GPS tracking equipment, cutting detection in the side walls of the trailer and a monitoring portal. With the web portal you monitor and control the telematics equipment remotely and receive reports and alerts.

SBS secured trailer solution

Crime on the road causes damages worth many millions. With a secured trailer solution, there is less risk of becoming a victim of a break-in in your trailer and cargo theft. You also give your drivers a safer feeling.

Frits Hofma – SBS Cargo Security Specialist

What does the trailer security system
consist of?

Monitoring Portal

The truck is connected to a web portal, which records more than just the movement, location and status of the truck and driver. The monitoring portal also track the status of the trailer locks, the status of the trailer doors, the conditions in the cargo area, the status of the side walls and any attempted break-in. If you link the alarms to the access control unit for the trailer locks, it is even possible to apply geofence. Then the trailer lock only opens at the predetermined destinations.

Telematic tracking devices

Trailer, truck and driver are equipped with GPS tracking devices, which is connected to the mobile network via a telematics portal. This way, the control center always knows where these three are and whether they are separate from each other. The driver’s tracking equipment has a panic button, that he can activate manually in an emergency. When the control center activates the tracking equipment, it can also communicate with the driver. No personal driver data is collected or stored.

InLock IQ locking systems

You can lock V1 trailers with the SBS InLock IQ Ultimate electronic trailer lock. A fully automatic pneumatically operated lock will be installed on the right trailer door and a manually operated lock on the left trailer door. Both doors have multiple locking bolts. Each door is fitted with anti-lift pins with reinforced holes in the side wall. You can lock V2 trailers with the SBS InLock IQ Pro electronic trailer lock. The main difference with the V1 locking system is the number of locking bolts.

All metal parts of the locks are made of stainless steel. The lock is controlled by an advanced electronic access control unit that supports unlocking by RFID transponder, 4 digits rolling unlock codes and emergency unlock codes.

Burglar alarm system

The truck, trailer and driver all have an alarm system. This alarm system is linked to various sensors, such as door unlocking, movement and burglary. When the alarm is activated, an alarm siren with a high decibel level will sound and a warning will be sent to the monitoring portal.

V1 trailers also have cut detection in the side walls, roof and doors of the trailer. Cut detection wires are hidden in panels. Thanks to the use of strong materials, high efficiency is ensured. If you accidentally hit the cut detection panel with a pallet or forklift, nothing is wrong. All electronic parts are protected against opening or cutting of the cables and have their own internal backup power supply.

The benefits of the SBS secure trailer solution

Highest security

The SBS secured trailer solution meets the highest security standards in accordance with the BAT V1 and V2 security requirements. This ensures that your high value goods are optimally protected against cargo theft.

Secure access

Locks and seals automatically when closing the door. Opening is only possible with a tag or code. Cannot be opened remotely, but can be locked remotely. You can also set in advance who, when and where has access to the cargo area.

High reliability

The trailer can always continue to drive safely. The trailer lock works on air, so there is no risk of electrical faults. The door can always be opened or closed. Strong construction, so there is little chance of damage. This way you avoid downtime and extra costs due to downtime.

Insight into transport

With the help of the monitoring portal you always know what is happening with your cargo along the way, so that you can intervene when necessary. You get insight into your transport and are always aware of who was responsible for the cargo and when.

Custom made

The trailer security system is easily expandable and future proof. For example, various connections with sensors and systems are possible such as; an acoustic alarm, temperature, light, motion sensors, etc.


Reports and analyzes of the transport ensure that you can more easily fulfill the agreements with your client. Direct evidence in the event of transport incidents, so that discussions and damage claims are avoided.


For more information about the secured trailer solution, contact our security specialists. They will be happy to help you by providing appropriate advice. Curious about our other security solutions? View the SBS vehicle security page.

Dirk Straatman

Dirk Straatman

Cargo Security Specialist
Frits Hofma

Frits Hofma

Cargo Security Specialist

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