TAPA and Interpol are warning about possible theft Covid-19 vaccines

Diefstal Covid-19 vaccins transportbeveiliging

Last week, first Tapa and then Interpol warned of an increase in organized crime linked to COVID-19 vaccines. Possible crimes include the sale and administering of fake vaccines, raids on warehouses where the vaccines are stored and robberies of lorries transporting the vaccines.

In order to limit the theft of the Covid-19 vaccines, it is essential that action is taken now. Both to protect the supply chain and to prevent the production and distribution of false Covid-19 vaccines.


The Irish Sun asked Thorsten Neumann, the European head of TAPA, for his opinion.

“I know that one truckload of pharmaceuticals can be worth as much as €100 million. And that is just one truckload. The Covid-19 vaccine is the most wanted product in the world. If you steal such a valuable product, you can sell it on another market within minutes. Not all countries have the money to buy this vaccine. So criminals will steal the vaccine in one country and sell it in another.”


“As soon as the vaccine is available it has to be sent. This is the greatest opportunity for organized criminals. They will try everything they can to steal the vaccine while it is being transported. For example, by means of cargo theft during driving or they use technologies that disrupt the GPS tracker. The control center thinks that the lorry is still on route, while it is being steered elsewhere or standing still somewhere else. Some routes may need an armed escort. And on some routes, transport must be prevented from coming to a standstill, because lorries that stop pose the greatest risk”, according to Thorsten Neumann.

Read the complete article in The Irisch Sun.

More information on securing the Covid-19 vaccine during transport?

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