TAPA stands for Transported Asset Protection Association. This is a unique forum in which global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders together establish leading security standards for the supply chain. The purpose of TAPA is to minimize transport crime, cargo theft and the loss of goods.

Cargo theft continues to rise

Transport crime continues to increase and the incidents also become more violent. According to the European Union, the theft of high value, high risk products moving in supply chains in Europe costs businesses in excess of € 8.2 billion a year. In the Netherlands, it’s 329 million euros. That must be stopped. TAPA helps to prevent transport crime.


TAPA offers guidelines of security and has various certification options. With a TAPA certificate you can prove that the security of your fleet is accurate and that the goods in the supply chain are preventively protected against theft.

TAPA has three security standards:

TAPA FSR – Facility Security Requirements

TAPA TSR – Safety requirements for transport

TAPA PSR – Parking security requirements

TAPA organizes 20 training courses each year in the EMEA region for members who want to become TAPA certified.

 TAPA & Imbema SBS

Imbema is a member of TAPA as a service provider. This means that you can use our SBS security solutions to become Tapa TSR certified. Every three years TAPA reviews, in consultation with its members, the security standards. As a security specialist, we are therefore always aware of the latest requirements. We also offer our customers support in obtaining a TAPA TSR certification.

 Future standards Tapa

TAPA started the TSR (Trucking Security Requirements) certification project in 2010. This TSR certification was a first version that has become the current TSR standard. A standard that is exclusively aimed at trailers. A lot has changed over the years. We drive trucks by road to ports, but not all in trailers. Export products are increasingly transported in containers to seaports and rail terminals.

Unfortunately, the current TSR does not fully cover the needs for safe rail or container transport. That is why TAPA has started the ‘Future Standards’ project with the idea of ​​adding additional modules to the TSR standard. To meet specific needs, it is possible to follow an additional module of sea containers (C-TSR) or multimodal (M-TSR).

More information about Tapa?

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