White Paper on Stowaways presented to TAPA


In spite of all the measures taken, the risk of ‘stowaways’ remains. Attempts by migrants to get to the UK by hiding in trucks have become a regular occurrence. Only last week, the German police found 31 migrants in the loading space of a refrigerated truck. A difficult and expensive problem. For besides incurring damage to your cargo and losses due to your shipment being delayed, you can end up having to pay a substantial fine for each stowaway discovered. In order to enable shipping agents to arm themselves better against the risks of stowaways and provide information on what you can do to avoid them, we worked with TLN (the Dutch trade association Transport en Logistiek Nederland) to produce a document on the ‘stowaway’ problem. This white paper was presented to TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) last Friday during an online meeting. The purpose of TAPA is to minimize transport crime around the world, and our stowaways whitepaper can help!

During that team meeting, the white paper on ‘stowaways’ was presented to Thorsten Neumann from TAPA by our colleague Manolo de la Fuente along with Hélène Minderman from TLN. Watch the presentation in the video below:


In the white paper, we take an in-depth look at the stowaway problem. This document will keep you, the shipping agent, up-to-date with a number of important developments, tell you what methods are being used by stowaways, what the consequences are and how you can make shipment to the UK a lot simpler and more secure. As a result of the latest technological developments, it is no longer necessary for a vehicle check in accordance with the Code of Practice to be carried out manually. With an electronic lock, you simply decide who may open which lock and when. And for shipping companies who want to go a step further, there are also telematics lock solutions available. These enable you to keep track of the condition of your cargo in real time.

Want to find out what the white paper on ‘stowaways’ says? Click on the button below to download it free of charge.

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