Width marking with interchangeable equipment increases road safety

Interchangeable equipment on vehicles, such as snow ploughs, roller brooms and agricultural implements, is often wider than the vehicle itself. This can endanger road safety, so the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has adapted the Vehicle Regulation.

As of 1 January 2018, interchangeable equipment that protrudes more than 10 cm from the side of the vehicle must be fitted with marker plates.

These width markers must meet a number of requirements

  • Width markers can be 42 cm x 42 cm square plates, 28 cm x 56 cm rectangular plates or 14 cm x 80 cm rectangular plates.
  • Plates must be provided with alternating diagonal red and white stripes. The stripes must be between 7 cm and 10 cm wide, and the red stripes must also be fluorescent or retro reflective.
  • The markers must be placed on the front and rear of the interchangeable equipment, perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle.
  • The distance between the underside of the sign and the road surface must be at least 25 cm and the distance between the upper side of the sign and the road surface must be 1.90 m at best. If this is not possible due to the design of the equipment, the distance may be extended, but never exceed 2.30 m.
  • In the dark, interchangeable equipment must have a white light on the front and red light on the rear.
  • These lights must illuminate the interchangeable equipment at its widest points, so the distance between the light and respective widest point must not exceed 10 cm.
  • There are no requirements concerning the height of these lights.

Rules concerning interchangeable equipment 

In addition to the dangers posed to road safety by parts which protrude in terms of width, the length and sharp parts of interchangeable equipment can also lead to dangerous situations on the road. In case you are unaware of the other rules regarding interchangeable equipment, we have created a summary for you below.

  • The width of a vehicle with one or more pieces of interchangeable equipment may not exceed 3 metres. The length may not exceed 12 metres.
  • Interchangeable equipment must be retracted or folded up as far as possible, and properly secured.
  • Interchangeable equipment must not bear any loads which are not related to the function of the interchangeable equipment.
  • If interchangeable equipment obstructs a vehicle’s lighting, this lighting must be installed on the interchangeable equipment.
  • Interchangeable equipment that protrudes at the front of the vehicle or more than 1 metre behind it must be provided with length markings. The same rules apply to length markings as with width markings.
  • Any sharp parts of interchangeable equipment less than 2 metres above the road surface that could cause bodily injury in the event of a collision must be fitted with protective screens.
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